TLE TeachLivE™

The TLE TeachLivE™ Lab is a cutting-edge mixed-reality environment supporting the practice of varied skillsets needed for leading, managing and teaching in the school system. The TLE TeachLivE™ Lab, developed at the University of Central Florida, is currently being utilized across more than 40 campuses and school districts both in the USA and abroad. Each partner utilizes the TLE TeachLivE™ Lab in a unique manner depending on the needs of their students, educators, administrators, and community stakeholders. 

The use of TLE TeachLivE™ Lab has also been instrumental in developing transition skills for students with significant disabilities, providing immediate feedback through bug-in-ear technology to pre-service teachers, developing discrete trial training skills in pre-service and in-service teachers, preparing teachers in the use of Literacy Circles, STEM-related instructional strategies and practicing successful parent-teacher conferencing techniques with our adult avatar.