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Previous Math Days

The 23rd annual Math Day Conference was held on October 10-11, 2019 at the W&M School of Education.  

October 10, 2019: K-5 Day
October 11, 2019: 6-12 Day

Keynote Speaker:  James Burnett



James Burnett is the co-founder and president of ORIGO Education. He started the company because he is passionate about education and is continually striving to improve the way mathematics is taught. Over the past 25 years, he has authored and co-authored more than 300 mathematics resources for teachers and students aged 5 to 12 and regularly speaks to audiences across Australia and North America. 

As president, James aims to lift the profile of mathematics through dynamic professional learning and the development of quality print and innovative digital resources for the classroom. These achievements were recently recognized by winning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in his home state of Australia.

OCTOBER 10, 2019
Audience: K-5 general and special education math teachers
Choose from over 16 breakout sessions on:
- Developing addition & subtraction facts with understanding, not gimmicks!
- Building number sense with high-yield routines;
- Super modeling with decimals & fractions;
- Creating positive math identities;
- And so much more!

October 11, 2019
Audience: 6-12 general and special education math teachers
Choose from over 16 breakout sessions on:
- Supporting productive struggle through the exploration of mathematical tasks;
- Improving achievement for students with disabilities by teaching vocabulary;
- Number sense routines in the middle school;
- Fostering mathematical understanding through discourse;
- And so much more!


October 10, 2019

Session 2:
Hands-On Problem Solving by Dana Johnson
Handout with Slides

Session 3: 
Creating Positive Math Identities by Allison Crisher
Question Stems

October 11, 2019

Session 2:
Play is the Foundation of Learning by Rebecca Cothran and James Hayden

Session 4: 
Talk it Out: Improving Achievement for Students with Disabilities by Teaching Vocabulary by Stefan Mygas and Marry Runnells