New Leaf Clinic Interns

Full-time Clinic Intern
Brian Browning
Brian Browning

Brian Browning is a second year Master's student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program and a full-time intern at the New Leaf Clinic. Brian graduated from William & Mary with a B.S. in Psychology in 2016. This past spring, he interned with Colonial Community Corrections, walking alongside those in the greater Williamsburg area working through different substance use issues. He is excited to be able to give back to his alma mater by serving at the New Leaf Clinic this year. "I love listening to people's stories: the things that make them laugh, those that make them cry, those that make them unique. This is why I love counseling - because I get to walk alongside people on their journey, listening to their stories as we go." Brian hopes to eventually work hand in hand with college students in improving mental health care on campuses.

Doctoral Interns
Katharine SperandinoM.Ed., NCCKatharine Sperandio

Katharine Sperandino is a second year doctoral student (Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision). She earned her Master’s degree at William & Mary in Spring 2014. While in the Master’s program, she interned at the New Leaf Clinic as well as Williamsburg Place. Upon graduating, she worked with individuals in the criminal justice system for several months. She then moved to Philadelphia and worked in Methadone Maintenance Treatment where she has been providing individual and group therapy to clients addicted to opiates. She is looking forward to coming back “home” to William & Mary to pursue her doctorate degree and develop further as a therapist and counseling professional.  

Alex HilertAlex Hilert, M.Ed.

Alex Hilert is a first year doctoral student (Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision). Alex earned his Master’s degree in counseling at George Mason University Fall 2014. While in the master’s program, he interned at a crisis stabilization program for adolescents with mental health and co-occurring substance abuse disorders and at a men’s residential substance abuse treatment center. After graduating, he worked for six months as a home-based counselor working with children and adolescents. Alex is excited to offer counseling services in the New Leaf clinic. He seeks to provide an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect, and support to clients in order to assist them in their paths of growth and healing.

Second Year Master's Interns
Nathaniel MasonNathaniel Mason

Nathaniel Mason is a second year Master's student in the Clinical Mental Health & Addictions Counseling program. "I got into counseling through a myriad of self-discovery, meditative spiritual work, and learning to not always have normative judgments of the world around me. I feel passionately that addictions cover a wide-range of one's life outside the standard association of drugs and alcohol. Attention, affirmation, sex, and other facets of interpersonal dynamics can manifest themselves in a powerful addiction cycle, which is where I felt the 'community' piece fit in perfectly with my professional interests. These are struggles that everyone navigates through at some point or another. I have personally felt more content and peaceful in the last few years and am happy to share my discoveries through our counseling services. You deserve to feel content because you're worth it."

Joseph PugachJoseph Pugach

Joseph Pugach is a second year student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.Ed. program. Joseph graduated from the University of Mary Washington with both a B.A. in English and a B.S. in Psychology in 2013. Interested in working with mood disorders and a diverse range of populations, he is excited to gain exposure to new counseling experiences working with the college population to pursue becoming a competent psychotherapist. In addition to interning at the New Leaf Clinic, Joseph will be interning in Hampton, Virginia at the Center for Child & Family Services.

First Year Master's Interns
Jenna DickersonJenna Dickerson

Jenna Dickerson is a first year Master's student in the Clinical Mental Health & Addictions Counseling program. Jenna graduated this past May from the University of Virginia, where she earned her B.S. in Psychology and her B.S. in Interdisciplinary Women and Gender Studies. She began interning at the New Leaf clinic in the beginning of her first semester at William & Mary. During her time at the University of Virginia, Jenna became involved with a mentoring program connecting college students with at-risk middle school girls in the Charlottesville area. Through three years and several roles within the program, she began to realize that mental health and substance abuse issues affect everyone, no matter their age, race, gender, or sexuality and knew without a doubt that this is the population she wants to help. Jenna hopes to pursue mental health counseling at the collegiate level while attempting to raise awareness of the addiction issues that often go unaddressed on college campuses.

Lauren RecklingLauren Reckling

Lauren Reckling is a first year Master's student in the Clinical Mental Health & Addictions Counseling program. Lauren earned her B.S. in Psychology from Mary Baldwin College.  Her experience includes working with adults diagnosed with mental illness and substance use disorders and providing therapy for children with developmental disabilities.  She is excited to work with William & Mary students and providing a safe, therapeutic environment for them. 

Mariah SindenMariah Sinden

Mariah Sinden is a first year Master's student in the Clinical Mental Health & Addictions Counseling program. Mariah's interest in human behavior and thought was first sparked through her undergraduate studies in psychology at the University of Virginia. Over the past couple years she has experienced immense self-discovery and personal growth by dedicating herself to yoga practice, exploring mindfulness practices, and confronting her own substance issues in therapy, and she is eager to offer insights and guidance to others through counseling so they too can find empowerment to change. As a Registered Yoga Teacher, Mariah has found deep fulfillment guiding others down a path to better physical and mental well-being, and she hopes to continue in that pursuit by integrating yogic and meditative practices with mental health counseling in the form of yoga therapy.