Six Sessions at New Leaf

The New Leaf Six Sessions program differs from the other programs offered by the New Leaf Clinic, as it is designed both for self-referred students and students referred for serious violations of the Student Code of Conduct.  The program consists of six individual counseling sessions, but students may continue with more sessions if they feel that it is necessary.  The counselors utilize motivational interviewing techniques to allow students to discuss their concerns in a safe environment and at their own pace. 

The first session is structured and includes paperwork and assessments that need to be completed.  The student is then asked to share what brought them to New Leaf and discuss his/her usage of alcohol and other drugs (AOD).  Twenty minutes at the end of the session are set aside for the student to complete some assessments regarding their AOD usage. 

The second through fifth sessions are vastly different from the first session in that they are relatively unstructured and directed by the student.  Follow-up assessments are given throughout these sessions. The student and what he/she believes would be most effective for them largely determine what is explored. 

New Leaf Six Sessions, like ASTP and BASICS, utilizes motivational interviewing techniques. The counselors for the Six Sessions program are usually Master’s level counseling students as well as Doctoral students in the Counselor Education program.