Higher Education

Homeless Youth Determinations

The U.S. Department of Education recently released a Dear Colleague letter [pdf] to clarify institutional and applicants' roles and responsibilities related to Title IV dependency determinations for unaccompanied homeless youth. 

NAEHCY’s Higher Education Initiative has worked to establish the following resources to support homeless youth to access higher education:

Higher Education Helpline

NAEHCY’s Higher Education Helpline provides assistance with issues related to students experiencing homelessness accessing higher education. Contact the hotline at (855) 446-2673 (toll-free) or highered@naehcy.org.

Statewide Higher Education Networks

NAHEYC’s Statewide Higher Education Networks bring together homeless education, higher education, service providers and other professionals to address barriers to higher education access for homeless youth.

Higher Education Access and Success Toolkit and Web Based Series

NAEHCY’s  College Access and Success for Students Experiencing Homelessness: A Toolkit for Educators and Service Providers [pdf], is a comprehensive resource on the issue of higher education access and success for homeless students, including information on understanding homeless students, assisting homeless students in choosing a school, helping homeless students pay for application-related expenses, assisting homeless students in finding financial aid and scholarships for school, and helping homeless students succeed in college.  NAEHCY also has a College Access and Success Web Based Series.

Federal Aid for Students Experiencing Homelessness
Information for Students in Foster Care
Information for College Students Experiencing Food Insecurity
Podcast Series

NAEHCY’s podcast provide succinct and readily accessible information about topics related to college access and success for students experiencing homelessness.