Liaison Toolkit

Revised to align with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

The Local Homeless Education Liaison Toolkit was designed by Project HOPE-Virginia staff for the National Center for Homeless Education (NCHE) and a national audience to help school divisions fulfill their role in providing services to students experiencing homelessness. We have since adapted parts of the toolkit to be more specific to the needs of Virginia school divisions. The toolkit is available for download below. The supplemental documents listed below are the updated sections of Virginia's Homeless Education Liaison Toolkit.

In addition to these toolkit resources, NCHE produces guides and training resources to assist school divisions in implementing McKinney-Vento and for developing and evaluating quality programs for students experiencing homelessness. Some materials you will find on their website are:

Virginia HomelessToolkit Sections: (Note that these appendices sections have been updated to correlate with the Virginia Homeless Education Liaison Toolkit.)

Supplemental Sections for Virginia Schools [all in PDF format]:

  • Appendix A
    • Chapter 500 of Virginia code, May 2004
    • Replace SB270 if your toolkit contains that version of the law.
  • Appendix B
    • The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, U.S. Department of Education: McKinney Vento and IDEA Questions & Answers.
  • Appendix F
    • Sample Local Educational Agency (LEA) policy in Virginia.
  • Appendix K
    • Questions and Answers on Homeless Education, Project HOPE-Virginia, Informational Brief No. 5, Revised Fall 2007
  • Appendix R
    • Virginia Superintendent of Public Information Memos
    • Superintendent's Memo #51, Overview of Procedures
    • Superintendent's Memo #56, Revised Dispute Resolution
    • Superintendent's Memo #125, Enrollment of Foster Care Children
  • Appendix S
    • Serving Unaccompanied Youth
    • Guidance from the Fall 2003 meeting of State Coordinators for Homeless Education
    • NLCHP booklet on legal tools for serving homeless youth
  • Appendix T
    • Data Collection
    • Sample Forms
    • Superintendent's Memo #29 August 15, 2008, Student Data Collection for Homeless Children and Youth