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Holmes Scholars Scholars attended AACTE 72nd annual meeting
In late February, prior to the closure of universities and conferences due to the pandemic, W&M Holmes Scholars had the opportunity to network and present their work at the 72nd American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) Annual Meeting. Read more

Tomorrow's Leaders: The Holmes Scholars Program embraces diversity in and out of the classroom
A feature in the 2019 School of Education Insider Annual Report describes how the Holmes Scholars program is training students to be the next generation of leaders in counseling, teaching, and educational leadership. Read more

William & Mary Holmes Scholars Attend the 71st AACTE
Twelve William & Mary Holmes Scholars attended the Holmes Scholars Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY in February as part of the 71st American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) Annual Meeting. The Holmes Program, a branch of AACTE, encourages diversity in education by providing mentorship opportunities to students from high school through doctoral programs who are interested in careers in education. Read more

William & Mary Holmes Scholars Attend AACTE 2019 Washington Week
Three of William & Mary’s Holmes Scholars participated in the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education’s (AACTE) 2019 Washington Week in Arlington, VA as part of the organization’s Annual Day on the Hill. Read more

W&M Holmes Scholars promote careers in education at local middle school
Five W&M Holmes Scholars spoke with students at Dozier Middle School in Newport News to share their career paths in education and inspire young scholars to pursue a career in teaching, school leadership or counseling. Read more

Five Doctoral Students Named Holmes Scholars
Five doctoral students in the W&M School of Education were selected to participate in the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education’s (AACTE) Holmes Scholars Program based on their achievements and their commitment to diversity and equity. Read more

Holmes Scholars hone skills at dissertation retreat
At the fourth annual Holmes Scholars Dissertation Symposium and Retreat held recently at the University of Central Florida, graduate students, faculty mentors, and university officials gathered to engage in scholarly conversations about the dissertation process as well as other timely topics such as grant writing, faculty mentoring of diverse students, postdoctoral career choices, the tenure and promotion process, and self-advocacy. Read more

The W&M Holmes Scholars mentorship program with WMSURE: Paying it forward, one generation to the next
It is within the academic mentorship model that the W&M Holmes Scholars* mentorship program was designed. The director of the W&M Holmes Scholar, Assistant Professor Dr. Jacqueline Rodriguez, notes that a tenet of the National Holmes Scholar program is to provide mentorship to doctoral students from traditionally underrepresented communities pursuing doctoral degrees in education. The mentorship is often provided through the National Association of Holmes Scholars Alumni (NAHSA). In the spirit of the national organization, the W&M Doctoral Holmes Scholars are giving back to their communities by developing a mentorship program for rising junior and senior WMSURE* students, undergraduate students of similar backgrounds. Dr. Cheryl Dickter and Dr. Natoya Haskins, co-directors of WMSURE, have been avid supporters of the mentorship program. The program, which began in the Spring of 2017, pairs a WMSURE student interested in mentorship with a Holmes Scholar. The pair meet monthly and discuss academic and non-academic topics. For example, WMSURE students may want to discuss tracks toward pursuing graduate education, future employment interests and opportunities, and navigating scholarship as an undergraduate student. Holmes Scholars share their personal academic journeys and provide WMSURE students opportunities for feedback on cover letters, applications, and manuscripts. Holmes Scholars remind WMSURE students that they, too, were once in the same shoes. The Scholars are all from diverse backgrounds, some of them are first in their families to graduate from college.