Curriculum “In Press”

by Dr. Kimberley L. Chandler, Curriculum Director

The development of new curriculum materials continues at the Center. In this column, I would like to highlight the items that will be available within the next year. Because these items are still in the production phase, please note that titles are subject to change.

Kendall Hunt

The following unit will be available from Kendall Hunt by the beginning of the 2017–2018 school year: Cultural Pathways is designed for use with students in grades 2 and 3. The concepts of systems and culture are the unifying ideas in this unit. Students explore the elements of culture through short stories, fables, folk tales, fairy tales, poetry, prose historical fiction, and nonfiction. The unit’s written assignments help students to develop and express in-depth ideas and understanding of the richness and complexity of cultures around the world.

The William & Mary social studies units are currently being revised. The revised version of The Road to the White House has already been released. Please stay tuned for release dates for the other units!

Prufrock Press

The following activity books are in development and will be released by Prufrock in mid-2018:

Thinking Like a . . . Series

The Thinking Like a . . . Series units focus on high-interest topics in the elementary curriculum. These units explore interdisciplinary content, stimulate student interest and creativity, and develop higher order thinking skills. The units reflect key emphases of curricula from the Center for Gifted Education, including the development of process skills in various content areas and the enhancement of discipline-specific thinking and habits of mind through hands-on activities. This series also emphasizes careers. The units will be aligned with relevant content area standards.

Key goals of the Thinking Like a . . . Series units include the following:

  • To develop process skills that are needed in various content areas.
  • To develop student knowledge of selected content topics related to science, mathematics, social studies, English language arts, and engineering.
  • To develop students’ higher level thinking and reasoning skills.
  • To develop creative thinking skills.
  • To enhance discipline-specific thinking and habits of mind.
  • To learn about related careers.

These interdisciplinary units are based on a framework that incorporates instructional strategies that have been included in William & Mary units, but will also include new strategies. The following books will be part of the series:

  • Thinking Like a Historian (grade 2)
  • Thinking Like an Architect (grade 3)
  • Thinking Like an Engineer (grade 4)
  • Thinking Like a Scientist (grade 5)
Professional Development for Curriculum Materials

Center staff members are available to provide tailored professional development for implementation of the William & Mary curriculum materials. We will design sessions focusing on specific unit implementation, trainer-of-trainers models, or other workshops related to the curriculum materials. Please contact [[jhrobins, Dr. Jennifer Robins]], Director of Publications and Professional Development, for additional information.

Thank you!

Thank you for your continued interest in our curriculum materials. The Center for Gifted Education is proud to have supported gifted learners, their teachers, and their parents for almost 30 years! For additional information about curriculum materials, you may reach me at 757-221-2588 or by [[klchan,email]].