2018 Conferences


Save the date for the Center's exciting professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators of gifted and advanced students!

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National Curriculum Network Conference

The Center for Gifted Education is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

In lieu of our annual National Curriculum Network Conference, we will be engaging in a variety of activities throughout the year to celebrate and highlight the 30-year anniversary. 

Please check back for more information, which will be made available soon.

Professional Summer Institute
June 25-26, 2018
W&M School of Education

The purpose of this Summer Institute is to provide teachers and administrators with the knowledge and skills to design and use high quality curriculum within effective programs for advanced learners. The Institute is held each June for two days. Participants select one strand of study for the entire Institute. Each strand

All sessions are held at the William & Mary School of Education. offers intensive training in a particular area of curriculum development and implementation.

For more information about these conferences and other professional development opportunities please contact Dr. Jennifer Robins.