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Community Engaged Research Fellows

Gain practical skills, connect with others in the field and get published.

The Community Engaged Research Fellows program brings together graduate students from across the disciplines in a community to support and promote research in the areas of social justice and diversity. The fellowship facilitates networking and interdisciplinary collaborations, provides a platform for feedback and mentoring, and creates a space where new projects can be developed and promoted.

Who is eligible?

Any master's or doctoral student at William & Mary is eligible for the one-year fellowship. Though housed in the School of Education, we strongly encourage graduate students in other disciplines of the university to apply.

How do fellows benefit?

Fellows meet monthly as a group with faculty mentors to discuss ongoing projects and learn together. Topics of study include research and manuscript writing in the area of social justice and diversity, with a particular emphasis on the development of practical, rigorous research skills and the advancement of research in the field of social justice and diversity.  

Fellows are placed into research teams under the faculty mentors based on topic of interest. Teams work together through the spring and fall semesters to share progress on individual research projects, share best practices and serve as a sounding board.

The program is committed to promoting the professional development of fellows. Students are encouraged and supported in attending and presenting social justice and diversity research at local, regional or national conferences. 

Throughout the program, fellows gain practical skills and support while developing and publishing research in the areas of social justice and diversity. 

The program is directed by Dr. Janise Parker, associate professor of school psychology.

Questions? Contact us at [[carelab]].

The Community Engaged Research Fellowship is supported by the School of Education Office of Diversity & Inclusion, the School of Education and the School Psychology and Counselor Education Program.