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SOE Websites A-Z


  1. New Horizons Family Counseling Center
    A University-based, student operated, family counseling teaching clinic serving the families of students referred by the public schools and providing clinical instruction in marriage family counseling for both masters and doctoral-level graduate students.
  2. New Leaf Clinic
    The New Leaf Clinic provides brief counseling (5-10 sessions), to students with issues related to the use of alcohol or other drugs. Counselors at the New Leaf assess students' behaviors and attitudes relating to alcohol and other drugs with research-validated instruments and conduct interventions using Motivational Interviewing techniques.
  3. New Students
    Helpful resources for newly admitted students.
  4. Non-degree Seeking Students
    The information outlined is provided to answer some of the most pressing questions for non-degree seeking students.
  5. Noyce Scholars Program
    Provided through the National Science Foundation, this program provides scholarships to students willing to teach in the STEM areas in high-needs schools.