SOE Websites A-Z


  1. NCATE Continuing Accreditation Visit
    The College of William and Mary and the School of Education welcome the state and national representatives of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) review team from March 26 - 30, 2011.
  2. New Horizons Family Counseling Center
    A University-based, student operated, family counseling teaching clinic serving the families of students referred by the public schools and providing clinical instruction in marriage family counseling for both masters and doctoral-level graduate students.
  3. New Leaf Clinic
    The New Leaf Clinic provides brief counseling (5-10 sessions), to students with issues related to the use of alcohol or other drugs. Counselors at the New Leaf assess students' behaviors and attitudes relating to alcohol and other drugs with research-validated instruments and conduct interventions using Motivational Interviewing techniques.
  4. New Students
    Helpful resources for newly admitted students.
  5. Non-degree Seeking Students
    The information outlined is provided to answer some of the most pressing questions for non-degree seeking students.
  6. Noyce Scholars Program
    Provided through the National Science Foundation, this program provides scholarships to students willing to teach in the STEM areas in high-needs schools.