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SOE Websites A-Z


  1. Higher Education Administration
    The Higher Education Administration concentration provides students a solid foundation of course work to support career options in administration, faculty or student affairs.
  2. Higher Education Administration - Educational Leadership
    The M.Ed. Program in Educational Leadership includes an concentration in Higher Education Administration. This program is designed to prepare students for leadership and service positions in colleges, universities, community colleges, government agencies, research agencies, educational associations and other post-secondary educational settings.
  3. History
    Excellent teaching is at the historic heart of the College of William and Mary. The School of Education was created as a distinct entity within the academic structure in 1961. It has become an institutional leader in advanced studies, as it has accounted for nearly a third of the master's degrees and over half of the doctoral degrees awarded at William & Mary each year.
  4. Hours of Operation
    During daylight hours, all doors will be unlocked. Note that the back door on the east wing is for egress only. After hours, faculty, staff, and SOE graduate assistants (as of September) may enter by using the card readers located by the front door on the right side, the side doors of the east and west wings, and the PDC loading dock door.