Steps in Applying

At The College of William and Mary, students have three available paths to education ... choose the one that works the best for you. No matter which option you choose, your coursework and field experiences will prepare you for the exciting field of education. Choose an option - make a difference - become a teacher.

Education As a Second Major/Curriculum

Elementary Education as a second major

Secondary Education as a secondary curriculum 

Admission to baccalaureate study at the College of William and Mary does not automatically include admission to the Elementary or Secondary Education programs in the School of Education. If you are interested in completing Elementary or Secondary education as part of your Undergraduate program, you must apply for admission to the School of Education by the first day of classes of the fall semester.

The State of Virginia suggests that students major in an Arts & Sciences discipline in order to be certified to teach. For Elementary Education students, this means that the student may choose any Arts & Sciences discipline as the primary major, and then add education as a second major in order to obtain certification to teach. A Secondary Education student must major in the subject he or she wishes to teach. Students cannot have a primary major in education in the state of Virginia.

5 Year Program Leading to a Master's Degree

If you don't decide until the spring of your junior year that you want to teach - don't worry - it's not too late. You can apply to the Five Year Bachelor's to Master's Degree Option. Applications are accepted as early as March 1 of the social junior year and must be received no later than August 1 just prior to your social senior year. You can choose Elementary, Secondary or Special Education.

As an admitted student you will take 2 (or 3 courses for Special Education) during your senior year, and then elevate to the Master's program the summer following graduation. You will then be a full-time master's student in the Master of Arts in Education program.

Graduate Programs

If you find that a second major/curriculum, or even a few additional courses in education just won't fit into your undergrad schedule, you still have the option of applying to our Graduate Programs. The School of Education offers initial licensure programs in Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education.