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Nick Ford

M.Ed. in K-12 Educational Leadership

Educational Policy, Planning & Leadership

  • 2021, William & Mary, Master of Education, K-12 Educational Leadership
  • 2011, University of Mary Washington, Bachelor of Arts, History

As a student pursuing a master's degree in the K-12 Educational Leadership program, why did you choose this field?
I chose this field because I want to create change at a higher level and on a broader scale. I really have loved being a classroom teacher, but I feel called to improve things on a larger scale. I feel that there is a great need for change and innovation in education. I want to be a person who leads that change and empowers my fellow educators to make their schools better places.

What do you hope to be doing after graduation? In 10 or 15 years?  
I plan on pursuing a position as a principal or a high-level administrator. I also plan on completing the Executive Ed.D. program in K-12 Administration. I hope to continue to learn and grow as an educator and a leader.

Why did you choose to apply to William & Mary and specifically to this program?
I chose to come to William & Mary after a friend who was in the Ed.D. program suggested I apply. Having grown up in Virginia, I have always known of William & Mary's prestige. I wanted to be a part of that community and professional network. 

What sets this degree program apart from those offered at other colleges?   
The experience of the faculty sets this program apart from other colleges. The professors in this program have a level of experience that is hard to find in other programs. 

What has been the most influential experience you've had so far in your program?   
So far my most influential experience has been building relationships with the faculty. I have received a level of advice and guidance that I have found to be very valuable. In addition, my classmates have served as a community that I will be able to lean on for the rest of my career. 

Any additional information you think a prospective student should know about the School of Education and its degree programs?
This program will make you a better professional and a better person. I have learned an incredible amount about myself as I have moved through my time at William & Mary. Moreover, I feel confident that when I graduate I will be prepared for what comes at me, and if I'm not, I have a vast network of fellow classmates and faculty that I can ask. 

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