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FAQ's for the Online Application

How do I start my online application?

First step is to sign up using the Sign Up link at .                        Provide your First Name, Last Name and Email Address and click Submit. You will receive an email with further instructions and a link to access the graduate school online applications.

I registered to create an online application. How come I have not received my activation email?

There are a number of reasons that you may not receive your activation email, including firewalls, email and spam filters, and typos in the email address.  Refer to section called “How do I resend a registration activation link?”

What if I forget my password?

If you forgot your password, click on the Forgot Password link to reset it.

What if I have problems while completing the application?

If you are having issues with our online application system, the best place to start is to email our office at

What if I cannot find my school listed on the application?

In the Enrollment History section of the applications, you can find your school by typing out the name of your institution in the “Institution Attended” field. Use keywords when searching and avoid using college or university. If your school is not listed, simply type “unknown” and wait for the "Unknown School" option to appear. Click on "Unknown School" and a text box will appear for you to type in the name of your college/university. When we receive your transcripts in the mail, we will update your school information into your application for review.

When is the application due?

Application due dates differ by program.

What If cannot upload a file?

This error generally happens when "special" characters are in the file name. The following are a few suggestions if you are having this issue:
•    We recommend that you save your essay as a document (Microsoft word documents are fine), and upload the file as a Word doc or PDF. This is the best option for getting past the ASCII character options.
•    Avoid using special; characters ( ~, #, %, & , *, {, }, \, :, <, >, ?, /, |,) in the file name.
•    Use the icon (next to the upload file field) to remove a file. If you cannot remove a file that you uploaded in error, contact the department. We can delete it for you.

When do I know that I have completed all sections of the online application?

You will be able to tell that you are ready to submit your application when you have all green dots next to each of the application sections.  It will display 100%.  (You do not need to have your references completed or your transcripts sent in to be able to submit your online application.)  Click Save and Pay to complete the payment of the application fee.  Once payment is complete, you can click Submit Your Application.  You will need to electronically sign.  Once completed, your screen will display 100% and Application – Submitted.
*Please note that your application is not considered complete until you have submitted your online application in full and we have received all necessary materials, i.e., transcripts, references, etc.  Starting an online application, but not finishing it, is not considered complete and will not be reviewed by the university.

Can I save my application and work on it later?

Yes.  At any point during the online application process, you can save your application and return at a later date and time.  Just remember your username (email) and password to log back in to continue working on the application.   

What if I need to resend the email reference to my recommender?

Once you have submitted your application, you can send a reminder to a recommender who has not responded to your request by simply clicking on the link for the recommender you wish to remind. You can find the Send Reminder link in the application checklist (found on your student dashboard).

 What if I need to change the information for a recommender?

If your application is in progress, you can click on the Letter of Recommendation section and remove the desired recommendation. Replace it with a new one. Please do not simply type over the name of the old recommender and put in a new name.
If you have already submitted your application, you can change a recommender using the Change Recommender link on the student dashboard in the application checklist.

I have submitted my application. How do I check to see if all of the requirements for the application have been received?

When you log into your account, you will see your application, and it will say 100% complete, and Application Submitted.  Click on the application and you will see your application checklist for the application.  It will show you which materials have been received, and which items we are still waiting for.  Those materials include transcripts, test scores, recommendations, etc.