Research Graduate Students

Upon the recommendation of a student's advisor and approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Programs, a student's eligibility for Research Graduate status is established if the following conditions are met:

  1. The student has completed all required coursework.
  2. The student is not employed significantly in any activity other than research and writing in fulfillment of degree requirements.
  3. The student is present on campus or is engaged in approved field work.

While classified as a Research Graduate, a student may register for a maximum of 12 credit hours of research or thesis or dissertation upon payment of the part-time rate for one credit hour.

A Research Graduate student:

  • is not eligible for student services (e.g., student health and athletic events) unless fees are paid at the time of registration; and
  • may take courses other than research or thesis or dissertation only upon payment of the generally applicable additional part-time tuition.

Counselor Education requires 96-105 hours beyond the bachelor's degree and may include up to 48 hours earned toward the master's degree. A maximum of 48 hours from other institutions may count toward the required total.

Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership requires 48 semester hours beyond the master's degree for the Ed.D. and 69 semester hours for the Ph.D. A maximum of 15 hours of transfer credit may count toward the required total for the Ph.D.; a maximum of 12 hours of transfer credit may count toward the Ed.D.