Document Specifications


Font usage should match what is dictated by the APA manual. “Script” or other unusual type faces are not acceptable. 


Margin requirements apply to all graphics, tables, and illustrative materials, as well as to text. A binding margin of 1 1/2” must be provided on the left. Remember that in binding, all edges of the paper are trimmed. The top margin of the first page of each new section should be two inches; the top margin of the half-title page should be 4 inches. All other margins should be one inch.

Tables and Figures/Illustrations

All tables and figures must include a table or figure number,  a descriptive title, and labels as appropriate, formatted according to APA Manual specifications. Unless a table or figure is small and can be included readily within the text, each should be presented on a separate page, either vertically or horizontally, with care taken to follow the defined margins described above.