Dissertation Committee

The Dissertation Committee includes the Chair or Co-Chairs, and one to two additional members, with a minimum of three members.  The composition of the Committee must include at least one member from the student’s department.  The Committee Chair must be a faculty member in the School of Education; a minimum of two members of the Committee must be faculty in the School of Education.  Members outside of the School of Education must be approved by the Committee Chair.  The academic advisor originally assigned to the student for program planning may be selected by the student to serve on or chair the Committee, but inclusion of the academic advisor is not mandatory.  All members of the Committee must have a terminal degree and are required to participate fully in review and assessment of the proposal and dissertation. Students should complete the Dissertation Committee Approval form and obtain the signatures of each committee member.  The completed form should be submitted to the School of Education Registrar.  Changes in the composition of the dissertation committee, once it has been formed, may be requested by contacting the School of Education Registrar.