Briana Colon

Joint Degree Master's in Higher Education and Public Policy

Bri is a joint degree master's student in the EPPL Higher Education and Public Policy Program. She is also a graduate assistant for Outdoor Recreation in the Recreation Center. Bri earned her B.S. in Anthropology and French from Santa Clara University.

"After my undergraduate education, I did a year of volunteer service in AmeriCorps and most recently worked with the National Park Service. When I started looking into graduate programs, William and Mary stood out by having a dual master's program. After visiting the school and meeting with faculty from both programs, I was thrilled at the prospect of exploring my various interests in education, the environment, and policy. The professors were helpful in understanding how the programs will lend to my personal and professional development. The support and attention that typically stems from smaller schools ensured me that my goals can be achieved through learning from excellent faculty engaged in unique research at William and Mary. Within the EPPL Higher Education Program, I find it valuable to apply theory and lessons in class to my professional graduate assistantship. This element of the program makes coursework especially applicable and relevant while simultaneously engaged in a professional setting." 

Feel free to email Bri if you want to learn more about her perspectives on the program.