Courtney MacMasters

M.Ed. Student, Higher Education Administration

CourtneyMacMasters"I really love how the professors in the EPPL program are supportive of my interests and gearing my projects and papers towards my passions, as well as connecting it to my assistantship. Between my cohort, my professors, as well as the faculty in the School of Ed, I have felt so welcomed and supported into the program. I feel like my thoughts and opinions matter, and I have a voice in my courses. I really love the experiences that I am gaining through my assistantship and internships, as well. I am excited for what is to come!"

Courtney graduated from Elon University with degrees in both psychology and theatre. She did most of her work at Elon with Campus Recreation, Student Government, and on the President's Student Leadership Advisory Council, where she learned of her deep interest in Higher Education. She works at William & Mary in Campus Recreation, where she enjoys working with her students and learning in and outside the classroom.