Anthony Siradakis

Ph.D. Student, Higher Education Administration


Anthony is a third-year doctoral student in the EPPL Higher Education Administration program. He holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations, a graduate certificate in administrative leadership, and a master’s degree in human resources administration. He has worked in various educational capacities, including positions at community colleges and universities, as well as entrepreneurship. His research interests focus on university advancement and strategic initiatives, specifically institutional strategy, management, and psychological determinants of philanthropic giving. 

"Having applied to nearly a dozen doctoral programs, from New York to California, I was thoroughly impressed with the hospitality, expertise, and the willingness of faculty and staff to go above and beyond assisting students with their goals and ambitions. Originally, I entered the program with the intention of pursuing a career in student affairs. However, after speaking with fellow classmates and faculty, I was able to seamlessly shift and tailor my focus toward institutional strategy and development. Additionally, one of the school’s greatest assets is its ability to open doors and avenues for students; there is a tremendous amount of flexibility, and faculty encourage you to pursue an area that aligns with your own ambitions. Students have an almost endless amount of resources at their fingertips."