Adam Sylvain

M.Ed. Student, Higher Education Administration

Adam is a first year Master's student in the EPPL Higher Education program, and a graduate assistant for Education Careers in the Cohen Career Center. He also serves as a reviewer for the William & Mary Educational Review. 

"I'm entering the Higher Ed program after three years of teaching high school English and one year spent working at a newspaper and then as a copy editor. I first started thinking about higher education as a career path when I started getting involved with the Alumni Association at my alma mater, George Mason University. I had such a great college experience and felt a growing desire to support students making that transition and to learn more about the structure and function of higher education. My years spent teaching helped clarify a clear passion for education and once I started investigating different programs, William & Mary jumped out at me as a clear fit. As the second oldest institution in the nation, studying Higher Education in an environment steeped in rich history and tradition was a definite draw. I look forward to my time as a graduate assistant in the Cohen Career Center, as well as learning from the discussion and shared experiences of my peers in the program."

Feel free to email Adam if you want to learn more about his perspectives on the program.