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Current Students

Learn about the program firsthand from some of our current students

For the bold

Master's Students

 Ashley Dustin

"Before applying, the faculty at William & Mary were open and supportive to meeting with me to discuss focuses in the program, opportunity for research and their experiences at William & Mary. Current students shared that they were happy, impressed with their professors and peers and felt well prepared for work upon graduation." 

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Haley Naiser

"Students in this program have a broad enough option of electives that we can choose to narrow our interests and only take electives specific to our career goals, or we can also choose to take electives that give a sampling of various subfields in higher education, to get a more generalist overview. I also feel that our program's faculty having a range of backgrounds allows us to be given distinct course opportunities, and to hear from unique perspectives."

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Alexis Michalos

“While searching for graduate programs in Higher Education, I was intrigued by William & Mary's for flexibility in its course requirements and the plethora of opportunities it presented (including serving on the Educational Review, providing scholarships and grants for tuition and professional development, holding networking events, and creating a group for Higher Education students)."

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Dayna Scarberry

"As a student of higher education, I appreciate William & Mary’s focus on developing our knowledge of the field both academically and professionally. When considering where to pursue my degree, I was drawn to the way William & Mary integrates assistantship and internship experiences into course material. The emphasis on theory to practice within the program has already given me a strong enough foundation to feel confident in my ability to tangibly contribute to the field, even as a young professional."

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Jalen Mask

"Since making that decision I’ve been learning more than I could have ever imagined. Between my cohort, graduate assistantship, and professors I have gained incredible knowledge and life-long friendships and most importantly a hands-on approach about this profession each day!"

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Courtney MacMasters

"I really love how the professors in the EPPL program are supportive of my interests and gearing my projects and papers towards my passions, as well as connecting it to my assistantship. Between my cohort, my professors, as well as the faculty in the School of Ed, I have felt so welcomed and supported into the program. "

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Doctoral Students

Amanda Armstrong

"From first viewing William & Mary’s mission and purpose to visiting the beautiful and historic campus, I knew this was a place that would offer supportive faculty, opportunities for challenge and growth, and a stimulating learning environment."

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Toni Gay

"As my family and I planned to return to the Historic Triangle area after my Connecticut assignment, William & Mary was the natural choice for me given its location, history, reputation, and the stellar School of Education where the faculty is top notch."

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Anthony Siradakis 

“William & Mary School of Education exemplifies distinction and class. Having applied to nearly a dozen doctoral programs, from New York to California, Florida, and Michigan, I was thoroughly impressed with the hospitality, expertise, and the willingness of faculty and staff to go above and beyond assisting students with their goals and ambitions."

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Johann Ducharme 

"I chose the Higher Education program at William & Mary, over other Ph.D. programs, for the numerous opportunities to get involved on-campus and with the School of Education. My W&M admissions experience was full of generous hospitality, making it easy to decide on joining an incredible community of scholars. A recommendation for those seeking their Ph.D.: connect with the W&M faculty as early as you can.

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Taylor Locks

"The School of Education’s commitment to intellectual exploration, innovative research, and professional development attracted me to the program. The faculty’s enthusiasm and welcoming attitude made it an easy decision to join the Tribe! While I was initially hesitant to balance coursework with full-time employment, I have been blown away by the encouragement I have received. This support has confirmed William & Mary is an amazing campus community.

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Jennifer Dunfee

"The professors in the EPPL program are supportive of my research interests and help me find ways to work-related topics into class assignments. I have also found the professors in the EPPL program to be very supportive of me as a full-time working professional and as a parent to two young children."

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Robert Thompson

“After serving in the United States Army, I searched for a greater purpose.  Within a short time of walking the halls of the School of Education, it was immediately apparent that choosing the EPPL program was a wise decision.  The experience of entering the world of Academia, while intimidating, was made easier by an administration and faculty that are accepting, open, and kind.  I have yet to have a day that hasn’t made me a stronger intellectual.”

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