Curriculum and Learning Design

The Curriculum and Learning Design doctoral concentration addresses the need for administrators and teacher leaders to understand innovative curriculum, instruction, and assessment for K-12 education and develop the leadership skills to successfully implement them. Students will explore a wide variety of K-12 curricula, instructional strategies and assessment applications, including curriculum theory, instructional theory and practice, gifted curriculum, special education curriculum, and educational technology. They will also be able to focus on a particular area of interest, which may include elementary, secondary, gifted, reading, or special education, as well as other academic or subject-specific disciplines, as appropriate. Students' programs will be supported by and culminate in a focused line of research in curriculum. The aim of the program is to prepare administrators, teacher leaders, and teacher educators to meet the curriculum, instruction, and assessment challenges that face K-12 education today and in the future.

  • Ph.D. Degree - Primary Career Intention: In addition to the above, scholarly practice, research, and/or teaching at university, college, institute, or educational agency.