Literacy Leadership

Creating master teachers, literacy leaders, and future readers

Ensuring that all students develop high levels of literacy requires schools to make a concerted, coordinated effort to improve students’ proficiency as readers, writers, and critical and creative thinkers. Teacher expertise, more than any other variable, accounts for increases in student achievement in literacy; therefore, schools must engage in the leadership work that makes strong literacy instruction possible. Literacy leaders are master teachers who provide essential leadership for the school’s overall literacy program and play a key role in leading and supporting teachers to become more effective practitioners in literacy teaching. This leadership includes creating and supervising a long-term staff development program that supports both the development and implementation of the literacy program over months and years.

The Literacy Leadership program is considered an add-on endorsement, so you must be a certified teacher with three years classroom teaching experience in order to receive this licensure from the state of Virginia.


If you are interested in admission, please [[graded, email]] us.

The Literacy Leadership Program

 The Literacy Leadership program leads to a Virginia reading specialist endorsement and provides the context for teachers to study, develop, share, and learn from state-of-the-art methods for teaching and leadership that are necessary to become a master teacher, reading specialist, and literacy coach. Graduates of the Literacy Leadership Program will be able to:

  • implement strategies for building the capacity for school-wide systemic change using leadership, team building, data analysis, teacher support and program advocacy
  • design, implement and evaluate literacy programs
  • design, implement and evaluate professional development programs for teachers paraprofessionals, parents and other literacy volunteers
  • access, critically interpret and implement current research in reading
  • develop and apply strategies for working with culturally and linguistically diverse learners
  • coordinate and collaborate with other allied professionals in assessing student achievement and planning instruction
  • develop and apply criteria for evaluating instructional materials
  • design, implement, and differentiate reading instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners
  • understand and facilitate the reading comprehension processes as they relate to K-12 instruction
  • assess and provide interventions for struggling readers
  • complete the requirements for achieving National Board Certification in Literacy

M.A.Ed. Literacy Leadership Program of Studies [pdf]

Program Contact:

[[cdjohn, Dr. Denise Johnson]]

 Licensure Testing Requirements

Students are required to achieve passing scores on assessments prescribed by the VA State Board of Education, both for program completion and for licensure. Information about testing requirements can be found on the Office of Teacher Education and Professional Services website.

Special Reading & Writing Programs
Eastern Virginia Writing Project

The Eastern Virginia Writing Project (EVWP) is one of over 100 sites of the National Writing Project in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Each summer the EVWP sponsors a five-week institute for teaches who are interested in writing, to help students become better writers, and to assist other teacher's teaching writing. For more informaiton contact Dr. James Beers at 757-221-2385 or [[jwbeer]].

Reading Recovery Training
Through an arrangement with the Williamsbug-James City Council School Division, the Reading, Language and Literacy Education Program offers training for experienced teachers in the Reading Recovery Program. for more information about how to aquire training contact Dr. James Beers at 757-221-2385 or [[jwbeer]].