General Support

Follow your students' interests

BackpackWhile many families are feeling stress during this time to replicate the amount of instruction that their students typically receive during a normal school day, we urge you to remember that these are special circumstances in response to a crisis situation. This is a time for adaptation and flexibility — and understanding that we shouldn't have the same expectations of ourselves (or our students) as we might in a normal situation. 

Attending to students' socio-emotional needs is particularly important during this time. We offer some resources for helping your students cope with anxiety and change, as well as tips for talking to your children about the pandemic.

The extra time at home is a great opportunity for students to follow their interests and build background knowledge in the topics that are of interest to them. Explore our ideas for virtual learning.

Finally, drawing and coloring are great activities to reduce stress and engage the mind. These activities are beneficial for the entire family!