Room Scheduling

You can request space via the web

School of Education Faculty, staff and students can now reserve and/or request space in the SOE building using the web. Step by step instructions will assist you the first time you request space.  Please be sure to read the instructions.  Do NOT create an account - instead, Log In. You will have to ADD yourself to a GROUP the first time you log in. Once you've read the instructions, you can log in to the Virtual EMS website. If you have problems reserving or scheduling rooms, please contact [[tlcoates,Tracy Coates]].

Admin Conference Room Space

SOE Faculty and Staff can reserve conference room space via the web.  If the room is available, you can make your reservation and the room is confirmed.

SOE Students can make requests via the web for conference rooms.  Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

Academic Space

SOE Faculty, staff and students can request academic space in the  SOE building via the web. The Associate Dean of Academic Programs is responsible for scheduling rooms for regularly scheduled graduate and undergraduate education classes. All changes in rooms for regularly scheduled classes and changes in these rooms must be handled by the Associate Dean. If a faculty member wishes to request a change in an existing regularly scheduled class, the faculty member should send an email to the Associate Dean. If you are scheduling a review/help session, exam, class, make-up class, or anything class related, DO NOT contact the Registrar's Office. These requests should be submitted to the Associate Dean. If you would like to use academic space for something other than your regularly schedule class, you can make the request via the web. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

Non-Room and PDC Space

If you are interested in reserving outside spaces, foyers, or spaces within the PDC, please contact the PDC Coordinator, [[ejkiew, Elizabeth Kiewiet]].

Spaces on Main Campus

If you are interested in reserving space on main campus, room requests are made directly through The College Scheduling Office, ext. 1-3272, or Fax 1-3451. One-time and long-term meetings/events should be requested by the initiator to the Scheduling Office via the Faculty & Staff Facilities Request [pdf] form. Requests can take several days to process. Requests should include alternate dates, times, and locations in order to expedite the process. Reservations are not confirmed until the Scheduling Office either calls or emails confirmation. Changes to meetings/events that were previously arranged through the Scheduling Office should be submitted via the Change Request/Cancellation [pdf] form.