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Inclusive Pedagogical Tools

The UDL Guidelines
Universal Design for Learning guidelines offer suggested applications to any discipline to ensure that all learners are granted meaningful and challenging learning opportunities. Universal Design for Learning and cultural responsiveness need each other. By definition culturally responsive teaching says that we must teach in multiple ways, and Universal Design for Learning offers the proactive approach that it requires. Culturally responsive teaching has the power to make UDL practices deeper and wider and more culturally inclusive (DL IRN, 2018). CAST has realized this and has launched a transparent, inclusive, and community-driven process to revise the UDL guidelines: UDL Rising to Equity (Source: DL IRN. (2018, January 21). UDL Talk: Culturally Responsive Teaching and the UDL Connection [Video]. Youtube.) 

Inclusive Teaching Practices Toolkit | Association of College and University Educators 
A toolkit with videos and resources for inclusive teaching practices, including: