We Value

Innovative Teaching and Learning

Providing innovative and rigorous curricula through outstanding instruction and clinical supervision.

We will -

  1. Cultivate transformative leaders
  2. Model teaching excellence and innovation
  3. Demonstrate content area expertise
  4. Address local and global challenges in education through offering traditional and non-traditional learning experiences
  5. Incorporate multiple perspectives in curricular materials
Influential Research

Engaging in rigorous, ongoing, and actionable research that impacts educational practice and policy.

We will -

  1. Publish actionable research consistently
  2. Showcase faculty research in School of Education communications
  3. Develop school, community, and university research partnerships, locally and globally
  4. Pursue high impact grant and contract opportunities
  5. Disseminate research through conferences and outreach opportunities

Community Engagement

Fostering collaborative educational partnerships through research, professional development, and outreach services.

We will -

  1. Collaborate with community partners to identify educational needs
  2. Draw on research and practice to develop and implement innovative solutions
  3. Empower the SOE community to design and deliver responsive professional development
  4. Provide an excellent facility and responsive support for our outreach efforts
  5. Leverage SOE expertise for the College and larger community for discussing, challenging, and influencing educational policies and programs
Cultural Competence and Diversity

Preparing culturally responsive, ethical, reflective, and collaborative leaders to transform schools and communities.

We will -

  1. Respect ourselves and others
  2. Be open-minded, collaborative, and inclusive
  3. Promote and model cultural competencies
  4. Treat everyone with dignity
  5. Strengthen and expand our diversity
Positive climate

Supporting a safe, caring, and thriving community.

We will -

  1. Demonstrate caring, open, and honest communication
  2. Treat others with civility and respect
  3. Foster faculty and staff enrichment and learning
  4. Behave ethically
  5. Confront bullying, harassment, and intimidating and threatening behaviors

Clear and Supportive Organizational Structures

Creating and maintaining administrative, organizational, and governance structures that support our vision, mission, and values.

We will -

  1. Use our vision, mission, and values to set priorities
  2. Challenge behavior inconsistent with our vision, mission, and values
  3. Monitor the implementation of the strategic plan
  4. Advocate vigorously for the School of Education
  5. Engage in continuous improvement

Approved by the faculty on March 18, 2015