SOE Notice of Intent - Accept Admission

Please complete the questions below to submit an enrollment response to the School of Education at William & Mary. If you will be enrolling as a graduate student at William & Mary, you will also need to submit your non-refundable $360 deposit (or $1500 deposit for the Executive EdD program), which will be credited towards your first-semester bill. To pay online, visit Students elevating to the EdS do not need to make a deposit.

If you are a W&M undergraduate who has just been admitted to the senior year portion of the 5th year program, do not complete this form.
Accept Admission
I accept admission and will pay my non-refundable deposit to hold my space and will contact my graduate advisor in order to plan a program of studies.
*I am accepting the admission offer from The School of Education at the College of William and Mary
*I will begin my classes in:
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Intent to Enroll in the School of Education at The College of William & Mary
"Under §23-2.2:1 of the Code of Virginia, and the regulations thereunder that went into effect on January 1, 2007, every institution of higher education located in Virginia is required to provide to the State Police certain personal information regarding the each student who enrolls with the institution.  Specifically, we need to supply each student’s name, date of birth and expected date of attendance.  The intent of this law is to ensure compliance with the requirement under Virginia law for [sex offenders] [certain individuals] to register any change of address with local law enforcement.  We are including this statement to let you know that when you enroll, William and Mary must comply with this legislation."

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