Faculty and Associates

Tom Farmer Tom Farmer
William & Mary
Amy Colley Amy Colley
William & Mary
Melinda Davis Melinda Davis
University of Idaho
Jill Hamm Jill Hamm
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
David Lee David Lee
Pennsylvania State University
Todd Little Todd Little
Texas Tech University
Kai Schafft
Pennsylvania State University
Sheryl Threadgill Sheryl Threadgill
Chair, Advisory Council

Katherine Barko-Alva, William & Mary
Daniel Bontempo, Texas Tech University
Soo-yong Byun, Pennsylvania State University
Jennifer Cross, William & Mary
Molly Dawes, University of South Carolina
Leslie Grant, William & Mary
Cristin Hall, Pennsylvania State University
Mark Hofer, William & Mary
Alex Hollingshead, Idaho University
Hyung Joon Yoon, Pennsylvania State University
Heartley Huber, William & Mary
Matt Irvin, University of South Carolina
Lindy Johnson, William & Mary
Kwang Hee Jung, Texas Tech University
Meredith Kier, William & Mary
Jaehoon Lee, Texas Tech University
Robert Martinez, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Spencer Niles, William & Mary
Janise Parker, William & Mary
Jeremy Stoddard, William & Mary
David Yopp, University of Idaho
Hyung Joon Yoon, Pennsylvania State University
Ann Berry, Plymouth State University
Cat Biddle, University of Maine Orono
Ali Carr-Chellman, University of Idaho
Cassidy Hall, University of Idaho
Abby Hoffman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lori Korinek, William & Mary
Kerrylin Lambert, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
April Lawrence, William & Mary
Erin McHenry Sorber, University of West Virginia
Sam Rhodes, William & Mary
Victoria Schaefer, Westat
Community Partners
Tom Butler, Intermediate Unit 9, PA
King & Queen School Division, St. Stephens Church, Va
Gena Keller, Virginia Department of Education
Sheryl Threadgill, BAMA Kids, Wilcox County, AL
Carina Wong