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Pamela Eddy

Specialization(s): Higher Education
Office: 3082
Phone: (757) 221 - 2349
Email: [[pamela.eddy]]

Financing of Higher Education; Educational Policy courses; Organization and Governance of Higher Education; The Community College

Community colleges provide the context for much of my research. I am particularly interested in the interaction of leaders within the culture of an organization and in how leaders frame change for campus members. Leadership development is becoming more critical due to changing expectations for leaders and with the influx of new presidents as senior leaders retire. Of special interest to me is how gender intersects with our conceptions of leaders. Better understanding of the career pathway can aid in informing development practices and create alternative models of leadership, thereby expanding who might be considered for these positions. My research regarding faculty concerns new faculty issues, especially regarding socialization and the influence of institutional type on faculty work. I also focus on faculty development, in both community colleges and four-year colleges.

Council for the Study of Community Colleges and the Association for the Study of Community Colleges History Committees; ACE Network of Women Leaders in Higher Education, Michigan State Board Member. Manuscript reviewer for the Journal of Higher Education, Community College Review, Journal About Women in Higher Education. Co-Editor book reviews, Community College Journal of Research and Practice.

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