Literacy for Middle and High Schools: Strategic Instruction Model™ & Content Literacy Continuum™

 Strategic Instruction Model

The Strategic Instruction Model™ (SIM™) one of the Virginia Department of Education's State Directed Project.  This State Directed Project coordinates statewide professional development for teachers on strategic instructional practices using SIM™ for students with disabilities. The professional development provided through this State Directed Project is designed for general education and special education teachers in middle and high schools.

SIM™ is an integrated model of research-validated practices that addresses the needs of diverse learners, primarily adolescents. SIM™ has been developed through rigorous, on-going research at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning (KU-CRL). The Strategic Instruction Model™ consists of learning strategies and routines.  The Learning Strategies (student-centered) are used with students to help in the mastery of basic skills, while the Content Enhancement Routines (teacher-centered) are used with whole class instruction to help teachers make content meaningful and memorable for students.

Visit Strategic Instruction Model™ website for more information.  For further information about SIM™ contact [[clspen,Tina Spencer]] or [[mmstowe,Mary Stowe]].

CLCThe Content Literacy Continuum™ describes five increasingly intensive levels of literacy support that should be in place in every school. The CLC™ promotes the understanding that some students need increased intensity and experiences of instruction to learn critical skills, strategies, and content in secondary classes. The purpose of this continuum is to ensure that students are equipped with the literacy skills and strategies necessary for success in the general classroom.

Learn more about the Content Literacy Continuum™ and CLC™ in Virginia by visiting their websites .