Fostering Connections

Educational Stability for Children in Foster Care Webinar - August, 2013

Presented by the Virginia Department of Social Services and the Virginia Department of Education.  For additional information on this topic, visit the Enrollment of Students in Foster Care page on the Virginia Department of Education website.

Webinar Videos

  • Webinar Part 1
    • Part one provides background information and the justification of the importance of educational stability of serving children in foster care.
  • Webinar Part 2
    • Part two provides an overview of the basic processes to be followed when a child is placed in foster care initially or whenever there is a change in placement, with a focus on the educational stability component of the decision making process.
  • Webinar Part 3
    • Part three addresses the dispute resolution process and the tracking of educational outcomes for children in foster care. It also includes a case study for practice.

Additional Documents and Activities

  • Educational Stability for Children in Foster Care PowerPoint Presentation [pptx]
  • Who is Covered? [docx]
    • Determine whether the descriptions of children and youth fall under "applies," "does not apply," or "it depends" in relation to the Fostering Connections Act.
  • Scenarios [docx]
    • These scenarios and possible placement options provide practice in applying the processes of Virginia's implementation of the educational stability components of the Fostering Connections Act.
  • True or False? [docx]
    • These true and false questions about the Fostering Connections Act provide a quick review of what is discussed in the webinar videos and PowerPoint presentation.

Guidance Documents

  • Fostering Connections: Joint Guidance for School Stability of Children in Foster Care [pdf]
    • Created by the Virginia Department of Education and the Virginia Department of Social Services, this joint guidance document covers the following:
      •  Federal and state statutory requirements
      • Collaboration between local departments of social services and schools
      • A sequence and time frame of the school placement process
      • Residence determination, school placement determination, and subsequent actions (i.e., transportation and immediate enrollment)
      • Steps for resolving school placement disputes
  • Determination of Placement Form [doc]
    • This form should be used to determine the school placement that is in the best interest of the child. It includes a signature page to document all participants in the process, a list of relevant questions that should be answered to make the decision, and a checklist of possible supporting documentation.
  • Immediate Enrollment of Child in Foster Care Form [doc]
    • This form is to ensure the immediate and appropriate school enrollment of a child in foster care.