Pre-AP Summer Institute English

The Pre-AP Summer Institute is endorsed by the College Board and is designed to equip all middle and high school teachers with the strategies and tools they need to engage their students in active, high-level learning, thereby ensuring that every middle and high school student develops the skills, habits of mind, and concepts they need to succeed in college.  Since Pre-AP teacher professional development supports explicitly the goal of college as an option for every student, it is important to have a recognized standard for college-level academic work. The Advanced Placement Program provides these standards for Pre-AP. Pre-AP teacher professional development resources reflect topics, concepts, and skills found in AP courses.

The only Pre-AP course offered at William & Mary is Pre-AP English, which is offered during Session III (July 31-August 3).

Pre-AP English course description

CB logoThis 4-day interactive institute presents materials and strategies for both beginning and experienced pre-AP English teachers. The beginners learn and practice the basics for developing and implementing a pre-AP English course. The experienced teachers refresh their programs and share their pre-AP experiences with the beginners.

The institute explores the philosophy, structure, and grading of the AP English examinations. It examines myriad resources from the College Board, including the emphasis on and recommendations for expanding enrollment in pre-AP and AP classes. The institute spends substantial time on the analytical processes that drive AP English. This study includes tone, irony, point of view, poetry analysis in all its variety, “Syntaxwhatsthat,” symbol/allegory, prose, nonfiction, and figures of speech. This focus “keeps it simple” and provides a framework for teachers to develop a pre-AP curriculum for students to learn and to practice AP analysis.

In addition, the institute examines composition strategies appropriate for the pre-AP classroom. Among the resources shared are student essays from recent AP examinations. The institute suggests options for course content, including textbooks, classroom content, parallel content, summer reading, the research paper in pre-AP English, vocabulary, creative writing, journal writing, and others. Finally, the institute suggests strategies for teaching and taking the multiple-choice section of the AP exams. It draws correlations between the AP multiple-choice section and the critical reading section of the SAT and ACT.


Participants receive a certificate indicating the number of hours of instructionworth 3.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). No graduate credit is available at this time.

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