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Registration is now open for spring and summer SEP in Williamsburg, VA.

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SEP classThe William & Mary enrichment programs in Williamsburg and Richmond, VA are academically challenging programs with an emphasis on inquiry-based learning for students enrolled in grades K–11. The programs are not meant to supplant the regular school curriculum; rather, they recognize the importance of allowing able youngsters to explore additional specialized areas of science, mathematics, humanities, and the arts. Course activities are compatible with the expected achievement of high-ability students at specific grade and age levels.

Behaviors fostered by the gifted learner programs include the ability to apply process skills used in individual fields of inquiry, recognize problems and approaches to problem solving, understand and appreciate individual differences, and become a self-directed learner.

Registration is now open for the Spring and Summer Enrichment Program in Williamsburg, VA. 

For admission crieria, tests accepted, and other frequently asked questions, please visit the SEP main page or [[sep,email us]].