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Teachers for a Competitive Tomorrow

TCT William & Mary Teaching Fellows will prepare W&M students for teaching in school settings where many middle and high school students are from low income families and where teacher turnover is great. The Teaching Fellows have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these students. Experiences provided by the TCT program -- summer research and teaching, the practicum course, and the other courses such as the Freshman seminar and How Students Learn -- constitute a unified support system to meet the challenges teachers face in high needs schools.

TCT paid summer internships are designed to attract math and science majors toward a future teaching career, giving them a chance to “test the waters” while cultivating valuable knowledge, know-how, insight, and dedication with respect to the educational enterprise.  For those who do pursue a teaching license, the special coursework and field experiences will prepare them for the challenges of teaching math or science in a high-need school, while the employment assistance and continuing mentorship will increase the likelihood that Teaching Fellows are employed and receive support during the critical first years of teaching.

Who's Eligible?
  • Undergraduates who intend to major or are currently majors in an area of science or in mathematics
  • Freshmen & Sophomores: Yes (no commitment to licensure) 
  • Juniors: Yes, IF already en route to getting licensed (must be taking School of Education classes)
  • Seniors not eligible
How does this benefit me?
  • Summer employment in both subject area research (science or math) and in educational settings @ $450/week for up to eight weeks
  • Travel support for travel to school sites during practicum class
  • Travel support for summer employment
  • Upon completion of program, assistance in obtaining fulltime jobs
  • Upon employment, support from experienced teachers and School of Education professors through online mentoring
What are the expectations for teaching fellows?
  • Participate in an 8-week summer experience (Apply Now) ---Applications due by February 24.  Applicants may choose from a list of existing internships, or may propose an internship of their own design.  
  • Participation in an online Discussion Board with other TCT Fellows during the summer internship, and an annual poster forum at the end of the summer.
  • For those TCT Fellows who go on to pursue a teaching license in the W&M School of Education:
    1. Completion of fall practicum: a field experience in a high-need school
    2. Completion of education coursework necessary for licensure
    3. Pursuit of employment in a high-need school as defined by the United States Department of Education

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Who do I contact?

[[jjmatk,Dr. Juanita Jo Matkins]]
(757) 221-2332