Executive Summer Sessions

The summer semester consists of a two and a half week institute on the William & Mary campus in Williamsburg, VA. All scheduled activities will take place at the school unless otherwise noted.

On Monday, students will receive a general orientation to the program and course expectations, as well as a tour of the William & Mary campus and a review of resources available for student use at the university.  Executive Ed.D. faculty will present a series of dissertation topics for student consideration, discussion, and selection. All students in the cohort are expected to select a dissertation topic and a Dissertation Committee Chair will be assigned prior to the conclusion of the first summer session.

Summer Institute classes meet daily Monday-Friday during session. Coursework will also include pre-session and post-session assignments and/or readings provided by the instructors.   All students must complete pre- and post coursework assignments prior to the awarding of graduate credit for the course.

Each of the summer institute courses is divided into blocks.  The faculty will use two different models for summer courses: classes will meet either sequentially or concurrently.  The schedule will be based on the content of the courses and final decisions will be made at the discretion of the instructors for the summer session.