ESL Summer Institute

June-August , 2017

Pursuing  Dual Endorsement

Enhance your initial licensure program by pursuing the ESL dual endorsement via the ESL Summer Institute.

 The ESL summer institute is a great opportunity for students to spend concentrated time fulfilling the requirements for dual endorsement.  Students can take 9 hours of required courses and complete up to 150 hours of field experiences.

Program faculty and staff consult with students to ensure that their field experiences include teaching in PK-12 classroom settings.  Currently these placements feature the evolving ESL program in Williamsburg-James City County, which has an enrollment of more than 300 ESL students, and the larger programs in Henrico County and Newport News Public Schools, with more than 2,700 ESL students

While we encourage students to fulfill the 9 hours of coursework and the 150 hours of field experiences, flexible schedules are arranged for students who have already fulfilled some of their coursework and field hours prior to the summer months.

Pursuing Coursework Only

Students in many fields of education are interested in language acquisition for  ESL learners, but are not currently pursuing licensure or a dual endorsement.  It is possible to apply for enrollment in the courses without participating in the field experiences, and thus, not expect licensure or a dual endorsement.  Choose the application that fits your needs by selecting the link below.

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Applications for the Summer Institute:

Application for students Seeking ESL endorsement

Application for students NOT seeking endorsement